Santa Barbara Food Spirit Is Still Alive

2020 came into our lives and introduced us to a different world where, I’m sure, has affected our daily lives one way or another, bringing a different set of challenges than we’re used to experiencing. However, my heart goes out to the hospitality and restaurant business who have suffered through a lot of these trials. 


In Santa Barbara, the restaurants, bars, and breweries are still trying to keep business afloat even while trying to keep up with the ever-evolving guidelines and mandates being issued for them.  What used to be the usual hustle and bustle has now turned into a burden between earning a profit and keeping the public’s safety in mind.

Check out this link for the list of local restaurants in Santa Barbara that are still open for delivery and take out:


We all are hoping for this bleak period to be over and for our lives to go back to normal but, while we are still holding on to the edge of our seats, I’m glad that I still get to enjoy the food I love here in Santa Barbara. Here’s to us all getting together to give the support our local restaurants and food services need for their delicious legacy to continue for many years to come.


I also created a Santa Barbara Foodies Facebook group to connect people with great food in the area and help restaurants during this time. Check this link in my bio to get connected: