2020 Market Summary & 2021 Predictions

Needless to say, 2020 was a year that no one could have predicted, including the real estate markets across the country. The back half of the year was fueled by one of the greatest real estate markets, statistically, that we’ve ever seen. We are riding this momentum into 2021 that will hopefully produce not just a great real estate market, but a great year personally for everyone.

Check out my market update below for my breakdown of the 2020 real estate market, and my predictions for 2021. I’ll highlight some of the historical data that occurred last year, including a huge jump in prices, record low inventory, and some of the best interest rates we’ve ever seen. I’ll also give you my thoughts on if we are in another “bubble” and if I think prices will drop this year. Psssss… “it’s a no for me dawg”