Hey, Foodies! Our small community has grown so much and hopefully helped in a way in the growth of our local food industry. From a small group aiming to help local food business and restaurants during the pandemic, to over thousands of members recommending and sharing their experiences, favorite food places, great deals and even promotional giveaways!

Thank you so much for helping our page grow. We have a giveaways from time to time as a token of giving back and another way to support our local restaurants and food business owners.

Connect with us if you want to partner with us too in our promotional giveaways to promote your business:

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Jon's Interviews with Santa Barbara Restaurant and Food Business Owners:

Catering Connection




Hook & Press

Brasil Arts Cafe

Oppi'z Bistro

Oku Santa Barbara

milk & honey

Kyle's Kitchen

Perfect Platter

Empty Bowl Gourmet Noodle Bar

Night Lizard Brewing Company

Coldsprings Tavern

M.Special Brewing Company

Mosaic Locale

Santa Barbara Food Spirit Is Still Alive

Santa Barbara Food Industry during the 2020 pandemic